About Me


I’m Nikkie Love. My first name is Nikkie. Love is my middle name (yes, honestly, it says so on my birth certificate). I’ve been writing children’s stories, short stories, and poems (for my own enjoyment) since elementary school. In high school a teacher suggested to me that I should become an author of children’s books. I really want to become a novelist. I’ve been trying to write something novel length, but so far I haven’t had the attention span. I made this blog originally to see if anyone would be interested in reading my stories.  I still write children’s stories, but I also write stories intended for young adults and adults.  I’ve been exploring a number of genres, including horror, drama, fantasy, science fiction, poetry, and romance. I recently started publishing eBooks via Smashwords. If anyone wants to give me constructive feedback feel free. Otherwise, just enjoy. 🙂

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/araneidae



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