So, I didn’t end up finishing that nanowrimo novel about the elves, which you may have guessed since I haven’t posted it. I just couldn’t figure out where the plot was going and I kept going back and re-writing the first two chapters and still wasn’t satisfied with it, so I dropped it. I might go back to it eventually but for now it’s off to the side, keeping The Lady Bug company.

The children’s books I mentioned last time are still in progress, I just got distracted by life and so I didn’t get them finished yet. One of them is actually completely written, I just haven’t finished illustrating it yet. At this rate it might take me a while because I am such a procrastinator :P.

I currently have 14 stories partially written and four more outlined. None of them are finished, except if you count the one I just mentioned that is written but needs to be illustrated still. That shows you how easily I get distracted. I’m trying to get myself more organized so that maybe I can be more productive. ❤


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