Hi everybody. Some updates:

1.) So the poetry collection I’ve been working on is now up on Smashwords. Some of the poems in it were posted previously on this blog and some of them have never been posted anywhere before. It’s called “Little Mouse and other poems”. I have it priced at 0.99 cents right now. I decided to go with a hand drawing as a base for my cover this time since I noticed a lot of poetry books with very simplistic looking covers on the market right now.

You can purchase it here:




2.) For my next work I’m going to try using Amazon. I’m working on some kids’ books next and Amazon apparently has a special “kids’ book creator” that is supposed to help with getting them set up right. Also though, I’m not entirely satisfied with how the formatting in my poetry books has been and I’m not sure if it’s just me and I need to improve my document formatting skills or if it’s the smashwords conversion process into all of the different formats. So I’m thinking I’ll try Amazon next time for that too and see if I notice any differences.

3.) Additionally, I changed my smashwords author name from Nikkie Love to Nikkie Shefler. Love is actually my middle name (like officially) and I liked using “Nikkie Love” as a pen name because it’s cute, but sadly, there is another author on amazon who publishes under Nikkie Love and I don’t want our readers getting confused. So I have decided to switch to using my last name.

4.) Because I changed my name, I had to edit and re-upload the other books I had on smashwords along with my profiles on various sites, which was annoying, but, while I was at it, I decided to make a new cover for “To Love and the Wild”. I’m pretty pleased with how the new cover turned out; I think it looks really good.

new book cover

and if you haven’t read that one and want to, it’s free and it’s here:


The poems inside are the same as before, just the author name and cover have changed.

5.) A very nice person gifted me with a kindle fire and I’ve downloaded an app that allows me to type up notes on it, and email them to myself. Usually, when I don’t have my laptop on me or when the battery is dead because I didn’t take the time to charge it (my laptop is finicky and for some reason does not like being used while charging) I write on paper, which is fine except that then means that I have a pile of scenes that I then have to put in order, type up, and then put into my story and since I’m kinda lazy, I put off doing that for a good while which means my book progress is not nearly as fast as it should be. So, hopefully, this will make me more productive.

6.) I’ve been making progress on a few of my stories so hopefully I’ll get some of them done and out before the end of this year. One of them, a kid’s book, I would ideally like to have out by Halloween, but we’ll see. Another of them, that I haven’t really started writing yet, revolves around Santa’s Elves and will probably be young adult. I’m going to try to do that one as a Nanowrimo novel (fingers crossed) so that I can get it out for readers in December. I’ve also been adding to a couple other stories gradually, so one of them might pop up too. Hopefully, I’ll be posting about one of them soon. 🙂



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