Little Mouse

Little mouse, head broke;

Shadows cast by wheel spokes,

Hiding under hedge rows;

Little mouse, where’d you go?

He’s breaking bread with dust motes.

Open grates, open graves,

And you look into the bird cage

Where’d she go?

Flew away.

Never know what day’s today.

Shattered glass, big bright smile,

Speakers blaring

Miles and miles.

Big loud mouth and yellow smile

Orange you gonna stay a while?

Little mouse, little mouse;

Hiding in his crooked house.

Where’d he go?

Flush him out.

Flush him out with sticky buns,

Melt the glaze and watch it run,

Draw with it a crooked nun,

Wash it when the day is done.

Little mouse, little mouse;

Flush him from his crooked house.

Flush him out with razor blades,

Buy one and you get one free,

Purple mountains majesty.

Little mouse, little mouse

They’ve broken down your crooked house.

Never tremble, never fear;

The ground will hold you close and dear.

Dig in deep and dig in swift,

Digging holes and cutting rifts.

Get away and hear them say

You layabout, the day’s today!

Little mouse, little mouse;

Building up a crooked house,

Pile in wood and pile in bricks;

Sticky buns to make them stick.

Lay out water, lay out seeds,

Little bird will stop and sing,

And look, she’s such a pretty thing.

Little mouse, little mouse;

Keep on track and don’t get lost;

Tie together rabbit trails

With shoe laces and bits of moss.

Always have your Chamomile tea,

To help you sleep and drown your dreams.

Tomorrow’s such a brittle thing

When razor blades are kept so keen.


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