For Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving, I made a list of some of the things I’m thankful for. I’ll share it here with you. 🙂 

I am Thankful
That I have never experienced what it’s like to be shot at or to hear a bomb go off.
That I have family and friends who support me when I need it.
That there is music in the world that can steal my heart away.
That I can get clean water with the turn of a wrist.
That I can get medicine when I am sick.
That I have words to speak with.
That there are people who care what I have to say.
That there are people whom I want to protect.
That I have run through dew covered grass.
That I can run at all.
That forests exist.
That I have felt the silence of summer rains.
That I can read.
That I can look up the answers to my questions.
That I’ve walked on bogs and lain on spongy moss.
That I know what a raspberry tastes like.
That I know what sunlight feels like in the winter.
That I have a home to go into when I am cold or tired.

I am Thankful
For bugs.
For the soft feel of cat fur.
For windy days.
For blankets.
For cold, clear streams.
For the chance to play in the mud.
For stars.
For moments of awe.
For colors.
For good food.
For gardens.


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