Everything, and Nothing At All

The feeling of the rain on my skin.

Red nail polish.

The taste of garlic.

The smell of cinnamon.

Drag queens and ballets.

Things that I’ll miss when I’m gone.

Crab apples.


Cherry blossoms.

Things that are beautiful.

Whispers in the dark.

The morning dew on spider webs.

The ache in my legs when I’ve run a long ways.

Chocolate milkshakes.

Funny names.

Lyrics to a song I can’t remember.

Your laughter in the car when we’re stopped at a red light.

Daydreams and nightmares.

Private thoughts and public mistakes.


Things that I wish I still had.

Morning breath.

Spaghetti dinners.

The times that I’ll never forget.

White rabbits.


First kisses.


New born babies.

The strength of an oak tree.

All the things that matter.

And all the things that don’t.


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