Beef Jerky

Jimmy: “Who do ya think invented beef jerky?”

Brian: “Huh? I don’ know.”

Jimmy: “You think it happened by accident? Like somebody just left their meat in the sun one day an came back an it was all dry an jerky-like?”

Brian: “Maybe. Probly they were trying though, I think. Trying ta preserve it. I don’ know.”

Jimmy: “It’s weird shit, though. Weird shit usually happens by accident, don’ it?”

Brian: “Huh? Yeah. Whatever man, I don’ know. Why we talkin’ bout this even?”

Jimmy: “cause we ain’t got nothin’ better ta talk about. ‘Cause our lives suck.”

Brian: “Ha! Yeah, I guess.”

Jimmy: “ Whatchu wanna talk about?”

Brian: “Huh?”

Jimmy: “You don’ wanna talk about this, whatcha wanna talk about?”

Brian: “Oh, I don’ know. Nothin.”

Jimmy: “Nothin’? You just wanna sit here an’ talk about nothin’?”

Brian: “Pretty sure we’re doin’ it already. You look good today.”

Jimmy: “Yeah? Well, I feel like crap. It’s hotter ‘n hell.”

Brian: “Yeah, well you look good.”

Jimmy: “Thanks.”

Brian: “Sure.”

Jimmy: “ You gonna finish that?”

Brian: “What?”

Jimmy: “Your lemonade.”

Brian: “Oh. Yeah. Why?”

Jimmy: “Just wonderin’.”

Brian: “Why? You want some? There’s more in the shop.”

Jimmy: “Nah. Just wonderin’.”

Brian: “Alright.”

Jimmy: “Could you hand me that?”

Brian: “What?”

Jimmy: “That, by your side. The phone.”

Brian: “Oh. Sure.”

Jimmy: “Thanks. You smell good.”

Brian: “Thanks. I doubt that.”

Jimmy: “Like lemonade.”


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