The Lady Bug – chapter two


A high voice sounded from the left of Aarons head. Aaron opened his eyes to discover the source of the bothersome sound and saw before him a cloud of red. “Wha…” Aaron tried to ask but the word came out as a croak.

“Are you alright?” The voice chimed once again and the cloud rose above Aaron’s head, a small, scrunched up face emerging beneath it. Beneath the face was a dark, thin body with long, skinny arms and legs branching out to the side. The strange figure held within its expression a strange inhuman echo of what might have been concern.

“I..” Aaron croaked once more, gaping rather unintelligently at the creature.

“Leave it alone.” Said another voice. “You don’t even know what it is. Who knows what diseases it may have. What if it bites?” This new voice was nearly just as high as the first voice but with an elderly lilt. Aaron turned his head toward the speaker, which set his head to spinning in a rather unpleasant way. What he saw, when his eyes finally refocused, was yet another red and black creature with long, spindly legs. “Don’t touch it!” The creature yelled hoarsely.

Aaron looked back to the first creature to see that it was leaning over him, one boney arm poised just above his cheek. It was not a human sort of arm. It didn’t end with a hand, but rather a long, flat appendage with many tiny hooks emerged from the wrist. Aaron cringed away.

“But it’s scared.” Said the first creature. “I was only going to pet it.”

“You should never touch strange creatures. You don’t know how it’ll react.”

“I’m not strange.” Said Aaron, who was growing quite irritated with all of this “it” talk. “And I’m a boy, I’ll have you know. My name is Aaron.”

“OH” The second creature gasped and backed quickly away.

The first creature looked pleased and replied, excitedly, “I knew you could talk! Hello Aaron, my name Areada. Are you alright? You’ve been lying still for quite some time. Jepsum thought you might be dead. What are you exactly? Where ever did you come from?”

“I… I think I’m alright. My head feels a bit odd. I’m a boy. I came from my house.” Aaron replied. “Where am I? What are you?”

“ I’m an arthropod, of course. A Lady Bug. Don’t you have them where you come from? Wherever your house is, it must be in a rather strange land if you’ve never seen the likes of me before.”

“Lady Bugs… we have them. But they tend to be a great deal smaller than you.”

“Really? How odd.”

“Areada, get away from that thing!” Yelled the second creature.

“It’s alright Jepsum. He’s friendly.” said Areada.

“I’ll get the guards, that’s what I’ll do.” Jepsum turned and scurried a ways away on all six legs. About a foot or so away, Jepsum paused. “This is foolishness, you know. Talking to such a thing. It can only lead to trouble.” And with that, the bug scampered quickly away.


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